When you arrive we will supply you with a hand saw and a measuring stick. It is best to cut your tree a little be taller than the finished height you would like. This leaves room to make a fresh 1" cut before placing it in the stand.


Stroll around our tree farm and enjoy the "aroma of christmas" all around you! Once you find your perfect tree measure from the base (where the tree actually meets the ground, some trees are on a hill) to the tip with the measuring stick to make sure it suits your requirements.


Make your cut close to the base of the tree (remember all trees are the same price regardless of height) and adjust later when it is in the netting.


Bring your tree to the main shed where will prepare it for travel with special netting and provide you with rope for a secure ride home.


Please respect the little seedlings of newly planted trees (many planted by Mother Nature herself) as you walk through the farm. They will be your beautiful Christmas tree in years to come!


We hope you have a wonderful time enjoying this simple, joyous, and festive activity with your family.


Grant & Melba Hogan

Hogan's U-Pick Christmas Tree Farm

cutting your tree


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